Please tell us how the festival will be held.
This year, the festival will be held online. Please search the website of the 50th Soka University Festival 「(https://sodaisai.com/index.html). During the festival period, there will be recorded videos including the opening and closing ceremony, a promotion video, exhibitions, and a real-time show via Zoom, which only Soka University student can join.
How can we join the Online Festival?
Please access the official website through your devices such as a smartphone or laptop. You can join the festival from any part of the world.
Can we join the festival for free?
There is no participation fee. However, you have to pay for the date fee.
Is there a limitation for joining?
Everyone can enjoy watching recorded videos and exhibitions. However, only Soka University students can watch the real-time show via Zoom; those who do not have Soka University Zoom account cannot see the real-time show.
Will any session be held on-campus?
All the sessions will be held online; nothing will be held on-campus.
Please tell us the details of the 50th Soka University Festival.
【Recorded video】 You can watch videos in which each club shoot in advance. The videos include the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony, and a promotion video. 【Exhibition】 There are exhibition materials of each club in PDF format and e-books. 【Real-time Show via Zoom】 Workshops and symposiums of each club are broadcasted in real time. Note: Real-time show via Zoom is only for Soka University students.
Is there any session that will be broadcasted in real time and be for the public?
Please note that 【Real-time Show via Zoom】 is only for Soka University students who have the Soka University Zoom account.
When will the information be released?
【Recorded video】 and 【Exhibition】 will be viewable from 10:00 a.m. on October 10th (Sat.). However, the opening ceremony, which is one of the【Recorded Video】will be viewable from 10:00 a.m. on October 10th (JST); the closing ceremony will be viewable from noon on October 11th (JST); the grand finale will be uploaded from 4:00 p.m. on October 11th (JST). Also, the start time of 【Real-time Show via Zoom (only available to Soka Univ. students)】 is different, depending on each club.
Until when can we see each content?
The 【Opening Ceremony】 will be viewable until 11:59 p.m. on the 10th (JST). The【Closing Ceremony】, 【Grand Finale】,【Recorded Video】, and 【Exhibition】 will be viewable until 11:59 p.m. on the 11th (JST).
Could I record the uploaded videos or real-time show via Zoom, or save the data of exhibitions?
Taking photos, videos, screenshots, and audio recordings are never allowed. Also, sharing them on blogs, Twitter, or SNS is strictly prohibited.
Are there any subtitles other than Japanese in the 【Recorded video】?
Does the 50th Soka University Festival Official Website support additional languages other than Japanese?
There is an English version. Click the button of English at the top right of the official website to view the English version. However, some contents are not available in English.